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We are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way.

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Your dedicated representative will be available via call or text.

By weekly updates on case status.


We are committed to develop a profile to best get you the results you aspire for.


We will be meticulous with your profile. We will keep close communication with you and any support staff regarding your case.


We are committed  to having your profile cared for and administrated by two team members.


Our only priority are your goals.

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The day will come when we need to say good bye. But don't worry we have a contact list full of professionals to help you achieve your end goals.


We will make ourselves available for advice.

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We provide a clear and precise service where we interact directly with the client, we answer all their questions with precise answers, in addition to having the support of lawyers to advise our clients on any doubts or questions they may have. We are ethical, we promise what we deliver, we offer very good proposals and prices above all.
We have a very high level of satisfaction in our customers. We go beyond everything, we seek excellence, our jobs and businesses are very important to us, therefore, everything we do for our clients is very valuable. We do not hesitate to take your success as our own, so know that we will do everything possible for you to develop successful businesses with our collaboration.


Especially favourable compliment but thoroughly unreserved saw she themselves.

Managing your credit wisely by paying your bills on time, paying down your debts, and keeping your accounts current could improve your score.
Contact us for more information at (714) 485 3726

– Not paying bills on time

– File for bankruptcy or foreclosure

– Apply for too many credit accounts

– Carry high balances on your credit cards

– Ignore questionable negative items in your report

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee anything. But we can promise to help you work to address any unfair or inaccurate negatives that hurt your credit profile.

That depends on the use of your credit and especially on your time with the credit.

The three major credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

It is, check your credit and start attacking everything that is wrong in your report directly with the credit bureaus.

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